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Are you looking for a festive, original, affordable gift for a friend or family member? Look no further.

Feel the vibe with these modern retro record coasters, clocks, bowls and greeting cards. For the music connoisseur in all of us! Give yourself, your friends and family the gift of music...memorabilia.

Take a nostalgic trip back in time and get your hands on these fabulous lp record clocks,  vinyl record bowls and drink coasters.  Remind your family and friends of how much you care when they receive one of these greeting cards, transformed from salvageable record album sleeves.

Remember dropping a needle onto vinyl and being enthralled by the gentle crackling of a well-played, favourite record?  Let your mind wander and consider the thrill of owning some vintage vinyl record and music memorabilia. History recycled for your practical, fun and affordable use.

Please enjoy this site and feel free to come back to browse, reminisce, make suggestions or special requests at any time.

Website content is updated weekly so please check back for exciting new content and recycled record products.

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Record bowl; plant pot holder
Record coasters; bar coasters; drink coasters
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Album sleeve greeting cards; recycled record sleeves




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